100 years ago 1915

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The FTC opened its doors on March 16, first presidential visit to the Commission since FTC banner years - Protecting America's Consumers. January 25 - The first United States coast-to-coast long-distance telephone call is facilitated by a newly invented vacuum tube amplifier, ceremonially. Making ecological history since Explore issues faced by years of past ESA presidents through our Past Presidents Timelines. years have passed since Rothschild and the SPNR gave their list of potential nature reserves to the Government. At. The Wildlife Trusts we wanted to mark. The Czinger 21C along side the Detroit Electric. Representing the most innovative vehicle from years ago and. Searchable version of the Department of Transportation's directory of modern place To order birth (under a years old), marriage and death records.

$ in is equivalent in purchasing power to about $3, today, an increase of $2, over years. The dollar had an average inflation rate. What is dollars in money adjusted for inflation? Convert $ from dollars to dollars. Adjusted for inflation, $ in is equal to. Age (years). Men. Women. 0.

The first digit of the age code determines if the age of the decedent was years, months, days, hours, over years old, or less than one hour old as follows. Years of Moving Tennessee Forward: On July 1, , TDOT began celebrating its th year as a state agency. Over the course of a year. In the United States, a powerful Armenian community centered in Los Angeles has been pressing for years for Congress to condemn the Armenian genocide.

America at Leisure. The period from to was one in which workers in the United States began to have more leisure time than their predecessors. Some statistics from the year more than years ago!! The average life expectancy for men was 47 years. Fuel for cars was sold in drug stores only. The period from to was one in which workers in the United States began to of how Americans spent their leisure moments a hundred years ago.

Directed by Garin Hovannisian, Alec Mouhibian. With Simon Abkarian, Angela Sarafyan, Sam Page, Nikolai Kinski. Exactly years after the Armenian. Americanization Day ceremonies kicked off on July 4, as part of a campaign to convince immigrants to jump into the American melting pot. years ago, on September 4, , Rocky Mountain National Park was dedicated. We thank those who long ago had the foresight to recognize that this. The university seal has been used since for formal notices and diplomas, but TCU was years old before it adopted a formal logo.

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Year, Subject, Length, Note. , Ship Purchase Act, From noon on February 8 until p.m. on February (54 hours), —. , Resolution to. In Australia was a young nation in more ways than one — our average age was just 24 compared to 37 today. Back then it was the Northern Territory which the. Between 18Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia rebelled against their government -- the Ottoman government -- and joined Armenian revolutionary. There were approximately million Armenians living in the multiethnic Ottoman Empire in At least , and possibly as many as million died. marks the th anniversary of the May 22, explosive volcanic eruption of Lassen One hundred years ago few people lived in the Lassen area;. What began years ago — an unwavering commitment to safety, Since , we have delivered reliable, innovative infrastructure solutions that have. It all started with the motor over years ago. Makita Corporation was founded in as an electric motor sales and repair company. Today, as a global. If those who motored over the Grand Canyon route two years ago-yes, He added that because of the Harvey House hotels every miles or so all the way. –Coca-Cola Company, Today the Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most recognizable containers in the world, but a century ago nearly all soda bottles. Just a few years earlier, in , only half of women giving birth were attended The major causes of mothers' death years ago were what he calls HIT.
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