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The results of a 16S rDNA sequence analysis revealed that three strains belonged to День студентов порнп species and the fourth one was characterized as Comamonas testosteroni. Until recently, the second class of PHA synthesis loci had only been found in the Pseudomonas genus and in Burkholderia caryophylli.

Restriction analysis of PCR products was evaluated to distinguish different form of genes coding for PHA synthases. In the first class e. The use of activated sludge has a few advantages: a simpler process control, no requirement of monoseptic processing and the possibility of using cheap substrates and even wastes as a source of carbon Salehizadeh and Van Loosdrecht 2004.

However, while cultivation methods to achieve high PHA biomass concentration and high productivity in pure, wild and recombinant strains are defined, knowledge of the день студентов порнп strategy сексуальный мужчина в сексе PHA production by a mixed culture and species composition of these complex bacterial communities is still very limited.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Although highly sensitive, these reagents also act with other lipid inclusions and thus are not specific. The genetic background of PHAs synthesis is well known, and four major classes of PHA biosynthesis loci have been characterized!

The PhaC1ZC2 operon is well characterized and DNA sequences of several pseudomonads PHA synthase genes are accessible. In this study, the feeding medium described by Choi and Yoon 1994 was applied. . An analysis of almost the entire 16S rDNA gene sequences of analysed bacteria enabled recognition of their taxonomic position.

PHAs are traditionally divided into two groups depending on their monomer chain length. The latter was discovered in Bacillus megaterium by McCool and Cannon 1999. Moreover, the results obtained indicate that PHAs synthesis ability can be spread порно видео со скульптурой horizontal gene transfer!

Chromatium vinosum, Synechocystis sp. One of the alternatives enabling more economic production of PHA compared with pure cultures is the application of activated sludge as a bioplastic factor. In the third system e. As their physical characteristics are similar to those of petrochemical polyesters, they are considered as an environmentally sustainable alternative to raw materials of plastic.

The discovery of 4 genetic variants, among the 20 analysed, demonstrates день студентов порнп microbial diversity of activated sludge is high and thus offers a great opportunity for the discovery of novel gene forms.